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About Us

ASK Outsourcing is all about ‘you’, ‘you’ and ‘happy-you’ only. There are thousands of other companies providing such services to customers around the globe; claiming to be the very best among all. Well, in our case, we don’t claim to be the best; we just invite you to work with us so that you can tell the world that Ask Outsourcing provided you ‘the best services’. We are a customer-oriented company based in United Kingdom, Our team consists of young and highly energetic professionals that believe in long term relationship. With a combined experience of more than two decades, our team has enough skills to provide you solutions that you require.

We understand the basic principle that our customers hire us to improve their companies. It’s what’s expected of us, and we take it seriously. The drive to improve companies is at the core of every decision we make and every product, service and solution we offer.

With every person we recruit, every assessment we administer, every technology solution we deliver, every survey we conduct, every leader we develop and every compensation strategy we support, lives are impacted by our craft. Very few companies, if any, can claim this—and we’re proud of that.

Meet Our Team

Dave co-founded the company in 2010 to provide hiring-intensive businesses with a more cost-effective, flexible and proven recruitment solution. Dave codified ASK’s breakthrough RPO methodology and authored the company’s initial set of recruitment training courses.
Dave has more than 8 years of outsourcing and recruiting expertise and his areas of specialty include operational delivery, management and co-ordination oversee ASK’s offices.
  • Organisation – Being organised is essential for any fast paced working environment. He likes to know where all his information is before it is needed, always being one step ahead of upcoming obstacles.
  • Being Proactive –being proactive rather than being reactive has helped him in recruitment. It allowed him to fill job roles quicker and also gave him a better rapport with the clients. This put him above the other resourcing companies.
  • Timing – Very good at timing, getting jobs completed on time to meet the needs of the client and company reputation.
  • Dedication – Very dedicated in everything he does, he will go the extra distance to make sure everything is complete to the strongest standard he can render.  He has no problem staying behind until his jobs are complete, especially if they start the next day.
  • Personality –The way you come across on the phone and in person is the bread and butter of recruitment. You have to be approachable, confident, presentable and professional.

Kevin is a charismatic personality who co-founded the company in 2010 to provide hiring-intensive businesses with a more cost-effective, flexible and proven recruitment solution. He settled and broaden vision of ASK Outsourcing. He works at strategic level and split that in small mission on three dimensional time charts. Kevin codified ASK’s revolutionary RPO methodology and authored the company’s initial set of supporting recruitment training courses.
Kevin has more than 5 years of Management and 6 years of aiding recruiters and 8 years of web development experience.
  • Smart worker Being smart worker he goes for finding unique ways to achieve his dreams
  • Mentor His mentoring skills are adorable and seen everywhere in his team and employees. He knows the best passage of shifting knowledge and getting that inferred and understood to others in real manner.
  • Creative While having a conversation with him, anyone can feel that he observe and perceive things in very constructive manner and with a different approach which finds out opportunities and positivity all over the place.
New Business Manager

The name of dedication – She is results orientated, highly organized and a confident strategy maker for sales in ASK Outsourcing. She has been constantly achieving sales targets, nurturing relationships with existing clients and fostering professional referrals. She is exclusive in creativity, latitude and communication at all levels and enjoys working in a fast-paced and energetic environment. She is passionate, dedicated and always eager to take on new challenges.
She is expert to set up new and credible relationships with key stakeholders of varying levels, vast experience of sales, exceptional communications, negotiation skills and an awareness of current HR and employment legislation.
Relationship Manager

The relationship protector – He is an ambitious and self-driven individual with proven records in resourcing, account management, recruitment, sales, client & candidate relation building and enhancing networking.
He is good in establishing relationships with the businesses to promote direct sourcing capability, whilst partnering with HR and all Recruiters to plan recruitment drives and campaigns.
Manager Accounts

Money Boss- He is very honest, calm and wise personality and handling all bank accounts of ASK Outsourcing. He is responsible and managing successfully all day to day expenses, pay rolls, maintenance and all other expenditures of ASK Outsourcing. He is intuitive, flexible and determined for dynamic loads of work.
In his 10 years career progression he groom himself in accountancy and financial dealings and managements.
Team Lead

ASK’s Pillar – A helpful, well-presented, reliable, hardworking, self-motivated individual who takes a professional attitude to all targets and challenges put to her. She has excellent organizational skills, very target driven to succeed, and a comprehensive understanding of I.T.
She is competitive but at the same time always understand others feelings. She relishes challenges and overcoming obstacles she can work well on her own or as part of a team. She enjoys socializing and meeting new people.
Delivery Head

Postman – He is the most responsible, reliable and persistent man of ASK Outsourcing. As a job’s delivery head he oversees daily priorities for staff and provides guidance and instructions according to requirements. He remains in uphill battle all the time, like a concrete bridge for transporting professional services, deliveries to clients within apt timing. He ensures that work is accomplished by ASK staff and delivered according to the highest possible standards. He is successfully managing all internal communication in ASK and performing as an integrated channel between clients and their particular consultants.
He is well organized, expert in data management and work management in timely fashion. He has proven record of achievements on various projects.  Keeping an eye on time and meeting deadlines is his specialty throughout his career.
General Manager

A business focused and self-motivated Resourcing Consultant working to attract, recruit and retain employees within the United Kingdom for various sales and managerial roles. Having graduated with an Upper first Class Degree.
She has diverse resourcing experiences which allow her to develop strong people skills, particularly gained valuable experience in IT, recruitment, sales, engineering, food, marketing, finance, nursing & hospitality, automotive, administration at all levels from Senior Managers to front line staff.
LinkedIn Specialist

Born to rule for Rec2Rec – She is an experienced consultant and Resourcing specialist who is successfully managing and training teams. She is always striving to deliver value to her clients without any compromises. She has extensive experience of sourcing and chasing through LinkedIn and varied background within the Rec2Rec, IT & Telecom, Oil & Gas, Engineering, FMCG & Rail industries.
She has outstanding knowledge of searching talented candidates through LinkedIn and Lazer search. Chasing and leaving messages to candidates as per client’s demands. She has Rec2Rec on tips and other miscellaneous experiences of searching brilliant candidates according to needs of clients in various national and multinational organizations. Hazel is an excellent addition to our team.
Researching Front Runner

She is an outgoing person with good work ethics. She enjoys being getting involved with dynamic tasks and seeing them through to completion. Proactive business Master’s graduate with vast experience as a Resourcing Consultant where she filled many roles for general engineering roles.
Throughout her career she is specializing in the Engineering, finance and education industry. She puts 100.1% into everything she did, and she tends to set the bar higher each time to keep her motivated.
I.T Leading Light

A self-motivated, flexible, enthusiastic person who has strong inter-personal skills and having broad experience working within IT sector. She is capable to support and understand the requirements of a wide range of roles and can mediate successfully.
She is confident and has reliable consultancy experience after her graduation in IT. She is a fast learner and adaptable for any environment.
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